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Fuji X Studio — Quickly get a fast GraphQL endpoint

Backend+Database-as-a-Service platform with a visual UI to create a database and GraphQL API.

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Fuji X Consulting Service

GraphQL Consulting Services

Move your projects forward with a proven technology stack. We help integrate and maintain GraphQL in your products.

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Create your API in minutes:

  • Define a data model
  • Get a complete serverless backend
  • Connect to Fuji X API from your app

No limits in DevOps

You get not just a route on the Fuji X server but a full-feature Node.js app written in TypeScript. It can be automatically deployed to various cloud providers, serverless environments, on-premise or exported to continue development locally.

Care about the data

Get full control over your data. Choose a hosted DB or connect your own. Define data models or introspect existing databases. Connect third-party providers like Stripe, Salesforce or Magento.

Alpha Preview is ready

  • Let us know about your interest to use Alpha Preview
  • Define a data model for a PostgreSQL database
  • Configure access control and authentication
  • Get a deployed GraphQL endpoint to work with data
  • Use Fuji X CLI to connect to the endpoint in your app

Quick and easy

Environment set up1

Fuji X Cloud is designed for easy deployments to popular cloud providers. The average deployment time is 15 seconds. The cloud services are free of charge for Alpha Preview customers.

Model a database2

Use an intuitive interface to define the shape of your data. Our support team can help you with design advice and even with an automatic migration for your existing database.

Get your GraphQL API3

Use this API as an access layer for the database. It’s pretty easy to create complex queries and get the data back fast.

Connect from your app4

Use any GraphQL client to connect with your Fuji X app. Or even better, try Fuji X client. It provides the best experience for developers — enjoys our TypeScript library with a powerful autocompletion for all API operations.

Explore your data5

Visualise and query your data with no code.

Coming NextRocket
DatabasesChoose a cloud DB: PostgreSQL, MySQL or MongoDBConnect to own DBData models creation by introspecting your DBControl DB migrations, add a custom logicConfigure DB seederDeploymentDeploy to AWS Lambda/EC2/EB/EKS, Google Cloud Platform or AzureAWS Lambda Edge deploymentOn-premise deploymentWrite and execute unit and integration testsExport generated GraphQL endpoint (this is Node.js app written in TypeScript)Continue development locally, absolutely no lock with Fuji X platformGraphQL endpointCreate custom GraphQL endpointsUse types/queries/mutations generated based on your data modelDefine own GraphQL types, queries, mutations, and subscriptionsConfigure custom flows with functions and middlewaresDevelopmentFunctions: create in the web UI, reuse, run in pipelines, trigger on events, cron, create from a templateWrite a code in JS or TS, Go coming nextData SourcesUse multiple databasesConnect with any REST / GraphQL / gRPC APIConnect various third-party providersPayments: Stripe, PayPalE-commerce: Magento, PrestaShop, ShopifyCRM: SalesforceCustomer support: Intercom, Help Scout, ZendeskProject management: Jira, Trello, AsanaOther: EasyPost, OnFleetCreate own providersAccountsConnect authentification providers: Email/Password, Passwordless, OpenID, SAMLCreate own providersProjectCreate environments (dev, staging, production, etc)Setup CI/CDInvite teammatesClone projectsUse templates to start from scratchFrontendUse components connected with the API: lists, tables, charts and formsGenerate and deploy simple apps with UI for CRUD operations

Own your app

Control where your data is stored and who can access it. Not being locked with deployment options. Export everything and launch locally.

Own your app